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    Course from home: yes, but with homework, corrections and extra help in between!

Video courses & educations

Doing a course or via video
What does this entail?

Group training via video

A group course or group education is the same as the ones you attend on location but you will have class via video. There is a big difference though: you will either have class on your own or with a limited student count. This is great if you think you need extra attention; you can share your screen with your teacher and your teacher can share their screen with you. This is a great help for more personal assistance if you're very new to Adobe applications and feel insecure about them. The lower student count makes sure you will get the attention you need.

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All the specifications, short outline

  • Your study starts on the agreed date.
  • You have class on your own.
  • Of course, you get to do homework and assignments.
  • Homework corrections and tips.
  • Personal tests and exams if your course contains these.


About the books

All books are created in a way that allows you to start working immediately: the lesson material contains a homework section that you can use to create files that you can send in for correction. Most courses contain homework. The more you practise the better: this allows you to ask more questions since questions form as soon as you really use the software.

Exercises, homework and extra help

The best thing to do is to read all the books and sections, and to do the exercises in the books. Those are at the heart of the course: they teach you how to use the tools, how to adjust them and what you can do with them.

You will find homework in the books: you send this in for corrections and tips. This way your teacher can monitor your progress and help you on your way.

You can contact your teacher in between classes if something is not clear or if you need extra help. This way you don't get stuck with things you can't do: your teacher is there to help.