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This course

Group course
€ 295,00 excluding BTW (VAT, taxes)
€ 356,95 including 21% BTW

Personal course
€ 395,00 excluding BTW (VAT, taxes)
€ 477,95 including 21% BTW

Reserved personal course
€ 495,00 excluding BTW (VAT, taxes)
€ 598,95 including 21% BTW

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I want personal training, normal runtime

I want training on my own with a normal or special runtime

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Some modules contain extra practise material to help you do the homework assignments. If you bring your laptop to class it's a good idea to download the material in advance so you can use this during class.

Yes I bring my laptop. If applicable I will receive a link before class, which I will use to download practise material before class.

No, I'd rather use one of your computers. I will use the material on that computer and if applicable I will receive practise material after class.

It is possible to reserve a parking space in the sheltered parking garage (only if there is a space during your course).

Yes, I would like to reserve a parking space for the following price so I can park my car during the entire course or education module:

€ 30,00 excluding BTW (taxes, VAT)
€ 36,30 including 21% BTW

No thanks, I will find a parking spot in the area around the school.



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