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General conditions & terms
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These conditions apply to and are part of all agreements with LearningTrain concerning courses, training, workshops and other educational services that will be generally referred to as 'training'.


1.1 Dutch law

The general conditions and terms fall under Dutch law. A judge addressing any disputes between LearningTrain, and other parties will be a judge residing in the law department in which the student or LearningTrain reside.

1.2 Changing general conditions and terms

LearningTrain is at all times allowed to revise the general conditions and terms and to republish these without warning.

1.3 Adjusting prices and other information

LearningTrain is at all times allowed to change the information on courses and educations and to publish these without warning: teaching Adobe software use is dynamic: the developments are followed to keep up with changes. For this reason, courses, educations, and their content, as well as schedules, sometimes need to be adjusted if this improves the quality of the training and programs. Changes are always made to create better and more helpful content.

The information on the website, in downloadable material, and in lesson material may therefore (temporarily) not reflect such changes. No claims based on older information can be made. But be assured: LearningTrain material is always updated as quickly as possible.


2.1 Enrolling

Enrolling implies the intention to attend the training: as you enrol, you agree to pay the total training costs specified in the invoice. To make sure all is well we check things with you before invoicing. Enrolling also means both parties have shared all crucial and necessary information to make a well informed decision to start the education.
Enrolling can be done via the website or email and is confirmed via email by LearningTrain. The general conditions apply to all enrolling options.
Enrolling implies that you have read these conditions and agree to them.

2.2 Payment

Payment should be made in full before the invoice due date. All LearningTrain expenses arising from late payment including lawyer, bailiff and court expenses will be passed on to the student.

2.3 Payment of instalments

Educations can be paid in three instalments. This is upon request. No extra administration costs are added to your instalment payments: LearningTrain finances those for you. If you decide to end the education before it is finished the administration costs will though be part of your due costs: € 25,00 excluding taxes per instalment.
Courses do not allow for instalments. If your financial situation is tight though and you would like to discuss this, send an email to informatie at You can for instance pay in monthly instalments before you enrol in the course to make payment more affordable.

2.4 Payment and training start

The payment of (a portion of) the training should be made in full before the start of the training.

2.5 Reconsidering and cooldown period

As a consumer you have a 2-week cooldown period in which you can cancel training. If your training starts before the end of this period no refund is possible. Companies are exempt from a cooldown period.

3.1 Your right to a seat in a group

You have a right to a seat once your payment has been processed. Seats are supplied in order or payment. It is possible that someone who pays before you do, gets the last available seat. In that case you have the right to a seat in the next group, or, in case your payment was made within the specified due date in the invoice, you will be refunded the full payment for your course. If your payment was made too late, we deduct € 50,00 administration costs from your refund.

3.2 Your right to a seat with personal training

You have a right to a seat once your payment has been processed.
With personal training dates are reserved for you and one fellow student max: this means there is limited access to your course. For this reason, dates are reserved after your payment has been processed. This means it is possible that someone who pays before you do, gets one of your preferred dates. In that case you have the right to reserve a different date, or, if you paid within the due date specified in the invoice, you will be refunded the full payment for your course.
If your payment was made too late, we deduct € 50,00 administration costs from your refund.

3.3 Reserving training

Training can only be reserved once payment has been processed by LearningTrain. Reserving days and time slots without payment is not possible.

3.4 Your right to a missed lesson

You can always attend a lesson you missed with another group in which a seat is available: you have a right to catch up a lesson until two months after you missed the original lesson. If you'd rather not wait you will receive the lesson material containing what was addressed during class so you can study independently and ask your teacher questions if there is something you don't understand. Your teacher will help you feel more confident during the next lesson.

No restitution applies to missed lessons; the training forms a whole that cannot be broken into pieces.


4.1 Respect the schedule

As a student, you show up for class in time, and attend the classes in the agreed schedule. Class dates normally cannot be changed once they are scheduled. If you cannot finish homework you may need to continue with a different group since knowledge of prior lessons is needed to add the new skills.

4.2 Are you late for class, or can't you make it to class one day?

If you cannot attend a lesson, communicate this as quickly as possible to avoid we wait for you.

4.3 Cancelling a complete training

Cancelling a course or education should be done in writing with certified postal mail; the official time stamp of this mail will serve as a point of reference for your refund. Cancelling should be done in time and at least two weeks before starting the training to allow other students to fill your seat.

4.4 Restitution of training fees after a student cancels training

Enrolling in a course means a seat is kept available for you, other applicants may have to be refused. This means we sometimes must charge costs if you cancel a training.

Cancelling until 3 weeks before training starts is free, minus € 50,00 administration costs and possible processing costs if you paid in instalments of € 25,00 excluding taxes per instalment.

Cancelling between 3 and 1 week before training starts means 75% of the training costs will be reimbursed, minus € 50,00 administration costs and possible administration and processing costs of instalments in the case of educations of € 25,00 excluding taxes per instalment.

There is no reimbursement if cancelling takes place after 1 week before the start of the training, or if the training already started. Identical conditions apply to enrolling via Springest.


5.1 Postponing / cancelling lessons or training by LearningTrain

LearningTrain is at all times allowed to change a lesson date in case of unforeseen circumstances. LearningTrain cannot be held responsible and is not liable for any unwanted results of a changed date. LearningTrain will do its best to find a suitable solution for the changing of the date to make sure the course will take place as best it can. This will be communicated openly so each student can voice their options.

5.2 Excluding students

We strive to have students with a professional, friendly attitude and want to offer an open and safe environment. If a student exhibits unwanted behaviour this student can be excluded from further training. 'Unwanted behaviour' includes the following but is not restricted to the following:

Sexual intimidation
Criminal behaviour
Offensive behaviour
Setting unreasonable demands that go against the usual work flow and LearningTrain conditions
Behaviour that disrupts pleasant group dynamics Friction between teacher and/or fellow students that makes harmonious teaching impossible such as bullying and undermining
Payment agreements that are not met

If such behaviour is exhibited the student will be alerted to this and will get a chance to adjust their behaviour. If the behaviour persists LearningTrain will put the group and teacher first and the disrupting student will be asked to leave the group and will be excluded from further training, without having the right to refunding of any payments made.


6.1 Providing the books

LearningTrain supplies both printed and digital lesson material only once and cannot be obligated to supply the lesson material again for free.

6.2 Books use term

The books are meant for use during your training and not after this. You can still access the books indefinitely after your training but know they cannot be replaced or purchased after your training.

6.2 Security

Due to their nature, digital books are protected digitally: with an ID / password and contain elements to track and verify that you, as the owner, are the one opening them.
You can define your password yourself. Instructions on how to do this will be sent to you with the first lesson. This password cannot be seen by LearningTrain and will therefore not be stored for you. There is no need to share it with us; it is encrypted into your student ID.

6.3 Responsibility of the student and supplying lesson material

You are responsible to correctly store the provided lesson material and will receive extra instructions to create your password to open your digital lesson material.

6.4 Loss or theft

Due to their nature you can lose digital books after a computer crash, reinstalling software, viruses, a different operating system, illegal (Adobe) software or cracks (and more). These can make it impossible to use your books. Check if your insurance covers this or purchase the books yourself at the regular price. Please note this is only possible until 1 month after the end of your training.

6.5 Reordering books

You can reorder books within 1 month of the last lesson of a course or education: the books are continuously updated and adjusted to the latest functionalities and it's possible they no longer apply to the training you attended.


7.1 Individuals and small companies

Participants should obtain the software themselves. You can obtain the software Via de Adobe website ( You can choose the subscription you prefer and make the necessary payments.
We use the native English software; this will create flexibility if you need to exchange files, and teaches you the correct technical terms if you need help from Adobe or on fora.

7.2 Big companies

Clients can purchase the software for high volumes and multi-seat licenses in VIP programs. This is well worth it if you need more than 100 licenses. A quotation will be sent to you after we discuss how many licenses you need, and a fitting company plan will be created for you.

7.3 Discounts

As an Adobe partner it is possible to receive discounts. If you want to make sure there is a discount order the software from LearningTrain so we can check if there is a discount for you and send you a link. Contact LearningTrain; call or send an email to information at learningtrain dot nl.

7.4 Illegal software

Unfortunately, illegal software is still around. Individuals who are paying for their education themselves are often tempted to save money and opt for 'alternative versions'. But please know that this might be hacked and harm your computer. Using it and still using Adobe services will also get you into problems.

7.6 Legal but shady software

I can't neglect mentioning that even software that costs you dearly can turn out to be a disappointment. Keep your eyes peeled. The real Adobe software is nowadays only available through Adobe themselves and through their partners such as LearningTrain. It requires the Cloud application. Older software versions need to be deactivated with Adobe and the rights to use this software have to be transferred to you. Also: real Adobe software can be used on two computers. If this is not the case it's highly likely that you're paying a steep price for software that is not okay.


9.1 Courses with a test

All courses (except two-lesson courses) contain a test. Educations include a test for each module and an additional central exam. You are not required to take the test but they are required to obtain a certificate or diploma.

9.2 Certification requirements

You are required to do all required homework assignments and to send them in for evaluation. You are required to send in their homework every week. Under unforeseen circumstances homework may be sent in later; simply discuss this with your teacher.
You are required to successfully pass the test and exams, should these be part of their training.

9.3 Course with proof of attendance

Would you rather not do the test? In that case you can receive a proof or attendance if your homework was good enough and if you attended all classes in the case of live or video training.

10.4 Issuing certificates and diplomas

You receive a digital certificate or diploma. These are certified so you can prove it's yours and that it has been issued by LearningTrain. This way, you can easily send it to a potential employer. Of course, you can print your digital certificate or diploma.


10.1 Courses with and without homework

Not all training contains homework. You can only send in homework for educations and courses that contain homework assignments unless your teacher grants you the right to send this in. If you need extra guidance, help, and tips or need help to finish special projects and do work that you're not comfortable with yet? Feel free to purchase extra help.

10.2 Send in your homework in time

Homework should be sent in time: in the week following the lesson(s). If you send in your homework too late it may be possible you need to continue in a different group; the lessons form a logical structure for which knowledge of each lesson is required to continue with the next. 
Homework that is sent too late (which can be the case if you are sick and can't send it) can be checked but corrections may be slower since homework checking is scheduled.

All education modules and courses that contain a test need you to send all required homework within a month after the last lesson. Contact your teacher if you feel an exception is necessary to discuss the options.

10.3 Homework file count

Each course or education module contains different instructions that are clearly marked. Respect those instructions to make sure you meet the minimum and maximum homework files requirements.

10.4 Homework format

You will receive instructions on how to send in the homework to benefit the most from your training and your teacher's input.

10.5 Homework evaluation

The homework you send will be evaluated by email. Modules containing markup as is the case with some web design modules will place corrections in your markup to clearly mark the location where mistakes should be corrected.


11.1 Subjects

Each lesson will contain specific subjects that are part of your training. Not all is addressed during the lessons: the books contain extra information, topics, and even assignments for which there is simply no time during class but that you can greatly benefit from to learn as much as you can. It is possible that you attend an Advanced module at LearningTrain without attending an earlier module. That's okay; advanced modules can be attended independently. You may notice that the books won't explain things that is addressed during earlier modules since their knowledge is of course

11.2 No support for topics that are not part of your training

There is no support for topics that are not part of the training you booked. Subjects can be part of other modules and really belong there. If you want certain subjects to be addressed, you are welcome to book separate training for these subjects.

11.3 Recording lessons

It is not allowed to record any part of the training in in image and/or sound; not only to protect the lessons and material but for privacy reasons as well. This includes video training. Should a student (attempt to) record training, training will immediately be ceased. The student who made the recording will be refused further training without restitution of course fees and will not receive any further lesson material.

11.4 Mobile phones

Mobile phones and other mobile devices should be turned off during the lessons. Do you expect an important phone call? Tell your teacher before class. This way your fellow students and your teacher will understand why you need to take that call and why your phone is turned on.


12.1 Learn how to become an independent creator

The objective of all courses and educations is to learn how to work independently. It is our goal to teach you as as much as possible about the tools and functions to help you decide which one you should use to achieve particular results and to be fully creative. The more you know, the better you will be at achieving your creative goals.

12.2 Commercial work

You can't ask your teacher to help you to do commercial work during your training. If you want to make money from your designs, you will need to be a professional and pay for help. Use the tips your teacher will give you to finalise your designs and optimise your work for your needs.

12.3 Extra help if you need commercial work

If you need help from your teacher to finish commercial designs, you can ask if your teacher can be hired to help you with this. Ask your teacher and decide, together, what you need and how much time could be required for such work.


13.1 Filing complains

Did something not go well, or do you have something to tell us? Simply let us know; your teacher too is simply a human being open for honest criticism.
Complaints after the training should be sent in writing, accompanied by motivation, within 2 days after the training ends.

13.2 Reaction to your complaints

LearningTrain tries to respond within 5 working days. Depending on the workload this can take 10 working days max.
LearningTrain will, if the complaint is valid and reasonable, try to find a solution with you through an open dialogue. If this fails, a legal procedure will be started.

13.3 Case handling terms

Your complaints will be handled within a suggested time that we both agree to. If more time is required you will be notified about the reasons and how much more time is estimated.

13.4 Independent third parties

Our legal services are handled by DAS. If you want to check LearningTrain's opinion with a third party, you can use mediation via your own legal services.

13.5 Confidentiality

Your complaint is handled confidentially. Do not hesitate to let us know if you're unhappy with something. Files that are part of your complaint will be stored for the duration of the handling of your case plus two years. Contact any third parties that are part of the case to ask them to see what files they keep on you. Please note that legal files cannot be edited or deleted.

13.2 Resution

If restitution of training fees is agreed upon this can never be higher than the original training costs. Costs resulting from training facilitation will be subtracted from this restitution.


14.1 Live group

A live group has class at the LearningTrain location.
A live group has a fixed lesson pace.
The course schedule is created by LearningTrain and is usually fixed.
The maximum student count is 20/25.

14.2 Live video group

A live video group has class via Microsoft Teams.
A live video group has a fixed lesson pace.
The course schedule is created by LearningTrain and is usually fixed.
The maximum student count is five.

14.3 Personal training

Training on call is always via video.
Training on call is possible at a special pace.
There is no fixed schedule: you let us know when you're ready for the next lesson and we will suggest dates you can choose from.
The maximum student count is usually one.
Even though a fellow student can be very helpful it is usually impossible to find a student who wants to learn exactly the same thing at the same moment. This means you usually have class on your own.

14.4 Training on call

Training on call is always via video.
Training on call is possible at a special pace.
There is no fixed schedule: you let us know when you're ready for the next lesson and we will suggest dates you can choose from.
The maximum student count is usually one.
Even though a fellow student can be very helpful it is usually impossible to find a student who wants to learn exactly the same thing at the same moment. This means you usually have class on your own.