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You usually receive digital books but you can choose for printed books, too

As you attend a course at LearningTrain you receive extensive lesson material. Tis has always been digital and is handy to use.

Still, some students want 'The Book' in printed shape. Printing a book yourself is not doable (or allowed), it is too expensive and it's not even bound. To help our students some course books are available in printed form. Not all courses but all courses that contain seven lessons and all long education modules.

Find the pros and cons below to help you choose for a printed or digital book.

The digital books

  • Certified PDF format
  • Full colour
  • Each lesson is an individual book: you receive this book after attending the accompanying lesson

The printed books

  • Book shape A4
  • Full colour
  • The book is the total course: you receive the books of each lesson in one single book

Advantages digital books

  • Can be read on laptop and computer
  • Always up to date: easy to maintain
  • Easy to search for terms
  • Handy PDF format
  • Books are certified for you
  • Cheaper than the printed books
  • Better for the environment although some research suggests digital books can create environmental problems too, due to software and computer production

Advantages printed books

  • You can make notes
  • Handy to put beside you while you do the homework and assignments
  • You're not bound to the computer: you can read it on the sofa, in the train
  • Easy to browse through
  • You can't lose it after computer problems
  • Emotional value: it is on your book shelf, you can pick it up and is really yours

Disadvantages digital books

  • You can't make notes in them
  • You need Adobe Reader
  • They can be lost after computer problems and software problems (LearningTrain can't help you with that).
  • You can't read them on a modest reader, you need a laptop or desktop

Disadvantages printed books

  • These books are more expensive
  • The content can be a bit older
  • They are less environmentally friendly although some research suggests digital books can create environmental problems too, due to software and computer production

Digital books during your course or education

The digital book price is already included in your course or education price, you pay nothing extra.

€ 30,00 excluding BTW (VAT) a piece
€ 36,30 including 21% BTW

Digital book after course/education

If you loose your book, or maybe your password, or if your computer crashed, was hacked or even stolen, you can reorder your book once.

€ 50,00 excluding BTW (VAT) a piece
€ 60,50 including 21% BTW

Printed books ordered before the start of your education or course

These books are cheaper if ordered in advance since it replaces the digital books and can then be cheaper.

€   95,00 excluding BTW (VAT) a piece
€ 114,95 including 21% BTW

Printed book after course/education

Books can be ordered for the lower price above within a week after the start of your course. After that they cost the normal price since by then the digital books will already have been created for you.

€ 130,00 excluding BTW (VAT) a piece
€ 157,30 including 21% BTW


Superfast ordering of your book

If you need to have the book super quickly it can be ordered individually. This means it will be printed for you alone, the printer will then send it to you. This makes a book more expensive.

€ 155,00 excluding BTW (VAT) a piece
€ 187,55 including 21% BTW